Each of our tours reflects the passengers on board. When you call or e-mail us, it's Eric - the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) who is taking care of you. Eric strives to make sure that every one of his guests feels taken care of instead of being seen as just another "customer." In our case we're concerned with our guests - from hotel pickups to custom drop-offs somewhere to have dinner, we take the extra time to make sure that everyone leaves happy. Because of the small format of our tour, our customized vehicle only seats 12 passengers, we can meet the needs of all our guests.

Tours are offered Monday through Saturday (and Eric's even been spotted out there on Sundays!) and pickups are flexible to meet the passengers on the day's tour. Generally, most pickups in the Spring and Summer are around 9:30 AM and in the Autumn and Winter are around 8:30 AM. Afternoon and evening tours can also be scheduled for private groups wishing to create a customized experience. Tours typically last around four hours, but can be modified to meet your needs. Most tours, especially those with an ending stop at Alcatraz Island include a visit to a local deli where you can pick up lunch, snack or drinks before you head off to explore on your own.

If you have any questions, comments or just feel like chatting, contact us! And if you see Sherman, the adventure wagon, around town - feel free to say hi, wave or honk. If you catch a picture of us in action, or just want to keep up with how much fun your friends are having without you, make sure to tag us on Instagram, friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.